3DTechnics Cutter/Graver Page
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The terminology for tooling we use includes "gravers", "cutters", and "mills". In general:
Knob Types
There are two types of knobs available for gravers. The older standard-threaded graver (all manufacturers other than Roland) and the Roland knobs. The Roland knobs feature a counter-bore and tapered head/shorter thread and are available for 1/8" and 11/64" gravers. The 11/64 tools are generally interchangeable with Roland and other manufacturers. 1/8 and are not interchangeable.
  • Current pricing on Roland knobs is $5.60 USD each.
  • Current pricing on Standard knobs is $2.00 USD each.


Standard Flex Carbide IN STOCK Standard 30° carbide cutters for use on plastics and wood.
Burnishers Carbide IN STOCK Burnishing gravers for metal surface marking
Brass/Aluminum Carbide IN STOCK 40° tipped FLX tools for Brass and Aluminum
Quarter Round Carbide IN STOCK Quarter Round cutters for Stainless Steel
Beveller Carbide IN STOCK Bevel Cutter for bevelling 45°
Parallel Carbide IN STOCK Parallel cutters for straight edges
Router Mills Carbide IN STOCK 1F and 2F Router Mills
Diamond Drag HSS Diamond IN STOCK Non-rotating diamond for metal scoring
Profilers HSS
IN STOCK Low-angle cutting: HSS for wax, Carbide for metals/dovetails
Dove Tail Carbide IN STOCK Cutters for making angled undercuts
Cutter-Beveller Carbide IN STOCK Cutters for cutting out or making odd shaped items
Blank Rods Carbide IN STOCK Blank Rods - Unsharpened
Rotating Diamond HSS Diamond IN STOCK Diamond tipped HSS cutters: Glass, Burnishing, Anodized Al.
ADA Braille Dot Carbide IN STOCK Carbide tools for cutting out braille dots.
ADA CutOut Carbide IN STOCK Quarter-Round Cutters for ADA Braille Edges
High Speed HSS SPECIAL ORDER HSS Cutters for flexibility
Ball Nose Carbide SPECIAL ORDER Carbide tools with radiased tips for reverse engraving
3D Profile Carbide SPECIAL ORDER Carbide tools with long narrow angles used for deep reverse cuts
Wide Cut Carbide SPECIAL ORDER Carbide cutters with wider cut diameters than shank diameters
Rubber Stamp Carbide SPECIAL ORDER Carbide cutters for engraving rubber stamp matrix material.
Pen Diamond Diamond SPECIAL ORDER Diamond tipped cutters used on bare and epoxy-coated pens.
Seal Die HSS SPECIAL ORDER High Speed Steel cutters designed for enraving seal dies