Keyshot Renderer by Luxion

Software Pricing

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Keyshot is a premium rendering system designed for ease-of-use and high functionality. Rendering is on-the-fly and fast, allowing a seamless workflow from design to image. Lighting is algorithmically produced and accurate. Animation and Mesh manipulation functions are built in. And built-in Scene templates and Python scripting allow for automation of image generation.

Optional modules include:
  • KeyVR: A real-time rendered 360 degree design for demonstrations and sales presentations
  • KeyShotWeb: Web-based Collaberation and Publishing
  • KeyShot Network Rendering: Distribute the rendering process over network-attached CPU's and GPU's

Userbase (click):

Keyshot 2023 New Features:

  • 3500 Coloro colors, Twinbru Fabrics,
  • Automated cross-machine color matching,
  • Faster animations, AR models for IOS
  • EXR open-source output capability
  • brochure video

    Extensive Cloud Libraries:
    Keyshot has built-in libraries forr Materials, Environmentals, Backplates, Textures, CAD Models, and Customized Scenes, but there is also an extensive library available as a cloud resource direcctly from Keyshot. Customized Scenes can be uploaded to be used in Keyshot WebVR as well.